The regulatory obligations of holding an Australian…


As a holder of an Australian Financial Services License we have a general obligation to provide efficient, honest and fair financial services. There are numerous regulatory and statutory conditions that ISG must comply with to continue operating its funds management business.

ISG is the sole owner and manager of its financial services license. We don’t “rent, borrow or pay” for the use of another organisations license. What this means is that as an investor you are dealing with the owners and responsible people, that make the day to day decisions, who are responsible for the proper management and maintenance of the license.

There are a number of obligations that we must comply with to operate our investment funds. Some of these obligations include but are not limited tom complying with the conditions of our AFS licence and the Corporations Act 2001; and Obligations relating to:

  • Conduct and disclosure
  • The provision of financial services
  • The competence, knowledge and skills of ISG’s responsible managers
  • The training and competence of ISG’s authorised representatives
  • Ensuring ISG’s authorised representatives comply with the financial services laws
  • Compliance, managing conflicts of interest and risk management
  • The adequacy of ISG’s financial, technological and human resources, and
  • ISG’s dispute resolution and compensation arrangements

To read more about ISG’s obligations as an Australian Financial Services Licensee visit the AFS licensee obligations page within the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s website.

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ISG Funds Management

ISG Funds Management is a family-run, independent funds manager that focusses on you with access to private sector project and company investments in a safe and regulated way. When you invest in our funds, you will be investing in medium to large property projects with strong fundamentals in quality locations, or small-to-medium sized businesses with strong prospects and a history of solid performance.