Private Access Fund

ISG Private Access Fund

ISG Private Access Fund

The Fund generates returns via a range of investment strategies in the non-listed company sector in Australia and New Zealand.

The Investment Committee identifies attractive investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver income, in the short to medium term, and capital growth over the medium to long term.

Its strategy is to invest directly in businesses and assets, rather than via other regulated funds. It does this by working closely with Asset Managers and placing investments through a holdings entity.

This approach offers significant benefits for Fund members including:

  • Gaining access to investments that can deliver both income or capital growth
  • Reduced exposure to the volatility of the broader equity and fixed income markets
  • Greater diversity of investment opportunities, including private company assets
  • Enhanced risk management, greater transparency and visibility of the assets
  • Support from experienced business managers
  • Regular reporting
  • Investments arranged into unit classes which represent specific capital pools. Each of these invest into specific direct investment opportunities.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has established criteria to guide the selection of appropriate Asset Managers and minimise any risk to investment allocations. A fund representative works closely with the Asset Manager to ensure they operate within the specified guidelines. The remuneration structure for both the Investment Committee and Asset Managers is strongly aligned with investor interests.

Investors can choose to participate in all opportunities or selected ones of specific interest. This gives them complete control of their involvement in a particular asset class and how concentrated or diversified they want their portfolio to be. All investment opportunities are arranged in a separate class of units to segregate the investment and reduce risk. Each class may include single or multiple assets.

A Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) is provided with each investment opportunity. This gives investors the information they need to make an informed decision about whether the opportunity is suitable for them. Investment opportunities often include exposure to preference share and/or note offers.