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Our investment philosophy

The origins of our investment philosophy are sourced from the investment ideals of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and other renowned value investors. Though the value investing philosophy is synonymous with investing in the stock market, the founding principles such as “Margin of Safety”, “Security of Capital”, and “Price Vs Value” are principles that can be applied to any investment class.

We are particularly careful when it comes to the application of investment capital. We stick to our specialty where we hold a strategic advantage – private real estate investment and private business investment.

Our investment philosophy borrows heavily from the value investing mantra:

  • Understand what drives the investment return
  • Ensure sufficient margins of safety for the security of capital
  • Don’t believe the Risk/Reward fallacy

In simple terms we stick with investment classes that we know and understand especially when it comes to the risks and the numbers. We structure our investments to achieve the highest level of capital security possible, and we seek opportunities that satisfy our low risk / high return* requirements.

*Read more about the risk vs reward fallacy here.

Our funds

Real Estate Equity Fund

Real Estate Equity Fund

The ISG Real Estate Equity Fund (The Fund) is designed to provide investors with the access and opportunity to participate in property projects in a risk mitigated way. The Fund’s objective is to deliver returns to investors by identifying and participating in suitably vetted real estate projects and transactions that have well-defined risk factors with known mitigants. The Fund seeks to deliver to investors investment opportunities that exhibit a risk mitigated downside with a potentially enhanced upside.

Private Access Fund

Private Access Fund

The ISG Private Access Fund is designed to provide investors with access to unlisted public and private company investments in a risk mitigated way. The Fund obtains its returns by pursuing a range of investment strategies in the non-listed company sector in Australia and New Zealand. The Fund’s Investment Committee will allocate investment funds to experienced domain experts (Asset Managers), who have a track record of management and return success in their specific sector.

What value do we add to your investment journey?

As a fund manager, ISG offers a high level of service and expertise to help you maximise your hard earned investment funds. With satisfied customers all over Australia and the world, we are recognised and trusted on a national and international level.

Below is a handful of the ways we add value to your investment journey.

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ISG has established a vast network of opportunity sources that puts our investors in the box seat to receive exclusive off-market offers, specially crafted for ISG’s participation. We have put the work into developing critical relationships over many years to give you access to lucrative investment opportunities that often aren’t available to the general public.

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Portfolio Diversification​

ISG enables you to access multiple investment opportunities in a diversified way. Some investments are simply beyond the means of the individual investor, while others may represent a significant portion of their capital, thereby increasing concentration risk within their portfolio.

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We understand not everyone has the technical experience to assess, structure, and manage a commercial transaction, but that shouldn’t preclude you from accessing great opportunities. Our team has deep knowledge and experience negotiating and structuring private sector transactions, with mature systems and processes for managing the investment lifecycle on your behalf.

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Most of us are time poor. We take the worry out of researching and analysing prospective investment opportunities, saving you time and money, and giving you peace of mind that your investments are being well managed.

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Peace of mind

For some investors the mental ups and downs of dealing with direct exposure to the stock market or other asset classes is too much. ISG offers these investors with a “Safe Space” between them and Mr “Market”.


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