Frequently Asked Questions

The suspension results from difficulties, now resolved, in obtaining insurance in a tightening insurance market, and the late lodgement of our statutory audits. ISG has since obtained the required insurance and provided all necessary supporting documentation, including financials, to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

ISG is restructuring to ensure that the assets of the business are continued to be preserved for the benefit of investors.
We have created a Better Outcome Plan (BOP) which will be monitored by the regulator, ASIC. The plan includes some of the following actions:

1. In the absence of the ability to raise capital, ISG will re-finance current debt facilities to release working capital.

2. Selling some assets to obtain funds so that the market value of shovel-ready property assets can be realised.

Under the plan, investors will be the beneficiaries of the gradual realisation of asset values.

Yes, ISG group is solvent.

Capital will be returned to investors progressively as the value of underlying assets is realised. This is set out in the Material Change of Unit Class Notice issued to investors since 14 September 2022.

ISG has provided regular updates to all investors regarding distributions. We understand this impacts investors differently, however, our focus is to achieve the best outcome for all investors.

Moving forward, ISG will resume the regular Quarterly Report schedule where we will provide an update on how the BOP is progressing.

We understand you may like to request further details, however, we will continue to update via our official communications and the FAQ page of our website

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