Disclosures for the Responsible Entity

ISG is committed to ensuring that it meets the continuous disclosure obligations of an unlisted disclosing entity under the Corporations Act and Regulatory guides as effectively as possible. ISG will use this webpage as a way to effectively and efficiently disclose new information, or changes/amendments relating to either the Responsible Entity or the Funds to all investors. It will follow the good practice guidance for website disclosure as set by ASIC. If the new information, or changes/amendments are deemed material in nature, a modified PDS or modified SPDS document will be created and communicated directly to investors via email.

If you have any questions on the disclosures and updates, please email ISG Funds Management at communications@isgfunds.com.au.

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  1. A.C.N. 114 733 569 Limited- Responsible Entity

1. A.C.N. 114 733 569 Limited

Dec 2018ISG Financial Services office move was completed. ISG’s new office address is 143 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley 4006 QLD.
Dec 2018Michele Jackson has retired from the ISG Board as a non-executive Director. ISG welcomes Sato Howard into the non-executive position. Sato currently works at Apollo Motorhomes Holidays looking after their global digital marketing frameworks. Apollo Motorhomes Holidays is a division of Apollo Tourism & Leisure Ltd (ATL) and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
April 2019A new ISG Wholesale Application bank account has been opened with Westpac. The new Wholesale Application bank account will be used for all wholesale investors and reinvestments from the retail funds. The account number will be detailed on the wholesale investor application form and in the Information Memorandum.
April 2019A new ISG office phone line has been set up. The new phone number is 1800 820 067.
April 2019Michele Jackson has retired from the ISG Compliance Committee. She will continue on as an independent compliance consultant to ISG.
Sept 2019ISG has successfully completed the annual audit requirements the AFS License and Registered Management Investment Schemes.
Nov 2019Sato Howard has retired from the board as a non-executive Director effective 1/11/2019. ISG welcomes Maree Hawcroft onto the Board as an executive Director. Maree is one of the founders of ISG from 2014 and has been an integral member of strategic planning of the company over the years.
Mar 2020Michelle Bannister from Wilberforce Chambers has been appointed as a member of the ISG Compliance Committee. The Committee is comprised of 3 external members and 2 internal members.
May 2020ISG Financial Services Limited new registered business address is Level 19, 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.
Mar 2022Grant Harrison has retired from the ISG Board as a non-executive Director. ISG thanks Grant for his invaluable time and experience.
Jun 2022ISG’s AFSL has been suspended, owing to outstanding financial audits. Those audits are well progressed – there are three separate mid-tier audit firms finalising the audits – and expected in July 2022. The license suspension does not impact existing investors in ISG’s retail schemes. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact your authorised representative.
Jul 2022ISG Financial Services Limited has had a name change to “A.C.N. 114 733 569 Limited”.
Sep 2022Based on the advice of ISG’s external auditors, Mazars, ISG expect the outstanding financial audits to be completed by the end of September 2022.
Oct 2022ASIC has granted ISG Private Access Fund and ISG Real Estate Equity Fund an extension of time (previously due 31 October 2022, now due 31 December 2022) to comply with their obligation to lodge their financial and directors’ reports for the financial year ending 30 June 2022.
Feb 2023On the 6th February 2023, ASIC issued a notice of revocation of the suspension of the Australian financial services licence held by the Licensee (Notification the AFS licence suspension has been lifted).
Aug 2023

Notice of change of auditor for A.C.N. 114 733 569 Limited (“Company”)

Outgoing Auditor: HLB Mann Judd (SE Qld Partnership)

Incoming Auditor: AMW (Audit) Pty Limited (Authorised Audit Company Number 314299).

Reason for change: In June 2022, the Company had its AFSL suspended for late lodgement of Financial Statements. The Company is taking all available steps to ensure that this is not repeated. The Company is the Responsible Entity for 2 managed investment schemes. The auditor of the schemes is AMW audit. The auditor of the Company (prior to this change) is HLB Mann Judd. Having the same auditor for the schemes can add time efficiencies in the audit process. The Company will therefore appoint AMW Audit as its auditor for financial year ended 30 June 2023.