About Us

Focusing on you

ISG Securities was founded in 2014 and has since grown into ISG Funds Management, a group with specialist expertise in private sector investments.

ISG independently owns and operates its own financial services license and invests in highly lucrative fund niches that deliver win-win solutions for investors, fund seekers and financial service professionals.

Our investment strategies and fund structures can be applied to most sectors or subsectors of the economy and we pride ourselves on being relatable, savvy, transparent, accountable and results driven managers of capital. We work diligently to understand our client’s needs to deliver the results they seek.

What we do

As experts in private asset classes, we invest in private real estate and private companies.

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Why private?

When most people think of investing, they immediately think of companies that are publicly listed on the Stock Exchange.

We do not invest via public markets because our expertise and proven record of success lies in private asset classes. Our team of specialist financial professionals has a wealth of knowledge, bringing decades of experience from leading Australian and overseas financial institutions to ISG.

Put simply, we do what we know and that is a core driver of our success in business and investing.

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What is private real estate investment?

We directly invest in a range of property assets, including many property development projects located in strategic, high growth areas. Our team has extensive experience investing in this asset class and offers special insights and know-how into its analysis and management.

You can invest with us and benefit from our team’s specialised private real estate experience, via the ISG Real Estate Equity Fund.

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What is private equity investment?

We invest in a range of companies that are not listed on the Stock Exchange. Our team lives and breathes business, having worked in and with private businesses all our working lives. This gives us a solid advantage when it comes to managing and analysing this specialised asset class.

You can invest in our private business opportunities and benefit from our team’s specialised experience via the ISG Private Access Fund.

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Our values

We are relatable, savvy, accountable, transparent and results driven.

Our investment philosophy revolves around putting people first. Investing is not just a numbers game. We treat all investors with respect and full transparency. To us, you are more than an ID number.

We are trusted custodians of your hard-earned money, which is a responsibility we take very seriously. We are savvy in our approach to applying investment capital in the marketplace and are accountable for the results we achieve for investors.


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